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Home Industrial Computers Rugged Mini PCs | Celeron CPU

Teguar's Rugged Mini PCs are designed to provide maximum impact in a small form factor. These small box PCs are versatile, with the ability to be connected to industrial monitors for a durable two-piece solution or used on their own for applications that don't require a screen.

Compute Anywhere with a Rugged Mini PC

The compact, rugged housing of Teguar's rugged mini computers allows you to fit them into tight spaces like corners, control cabinets, or behind a monitor. These mini pcs are designed to run for years without the need for maintenance, meaning you can install, setup, and move onto your next project without a second thought.

TB-2945 Series | Rugged Mini PC

2 Products in Series View the series
Model TB-2945-DIN

Fanless Box Computer with DIN Rail Mount

  • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core (2M Cache, Up to 2.16GHz)
  • Designed for DIN Rail Mount
  • Wide Range DC Power Input (9~36VDC)
Model TB-2945

Fanless Box Computer

  • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core Processor
  • Steel Chassis with Aluminum Heatsink
  • Wide Operating Temperature

TB-3445 Series | Rugged Mini PC

1 Product in this Series View the series
Model TB-3445


  • Intel N3350/4200 CPU
  • Slim & Rugged Chassis
  • Abundant Inputs/Outputs

TB-4045 Series | Fanless Mini PCs

2 Products in Series View the series
Model TB-4045

Rugged Box PC

  • Intel Celeron J1900 CPU
  • Wall Mountable, Compact Form Factor
  • Fanless, Rugged Housing
Model TB-4045-DIN

DIN Mountable Fanless PC

  • Intel Quad-Core Celeron J1900 CPU
  • Wide Operating Temp (-20°C – 70°C)
  • DIN Rail Mountable

TB-5085 Series | Fanless PC

1 Product in this Series View the series
Model TB-5085

Fanless PC-TB-5085

  • Intel 6th Gen Core i3/i5 or Celeron CPU
  • Small Form Factor Fanless Design (8.5"x 6"x 2")
  • 3 LAN, 6 USB, up to 6 COM Ports

The Teguar Difference

Teguar’s mini box PCs are compact and can be mounted to a wall, integrated into machinery, or placed in vehicles. They are small enough to be kept out of the way until you need access.

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The Teguar Difference

It’s important for industrial hardware to be easily configurable as the IIoT grows. Teguar’s Rugged Mini PCs can be reconfigured to efficiently adapt to changing hardware and software platforms. They are designed to provide reliable data management, in a compact form factor.


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The Teguar Difference

Teguar’s Mini Box Computers are made to run continuously for years at a time. Ideally, engineers can set up the hardware and then forget about it as the computer performs without issues. These industrial computers are designed to be placed in rugged environments, and they are vibration resistant with well-constructed enclosures to ensure their reliability.

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